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Are you the type of airport that cares about your traveler’s experience? 

Austin, Texas! Seattle, Washington! Boston, Massachusetts! and 100’s of other airports around the world have talent in their food courts, restaurants, bars, waiting areas, etc. to make the experience more enjoyable for their travelers…why not yours? 

It improves the collective energy and vibe of the airport and more importantly, has been proven to increase food and beverage sales for all the vendors that support the bookings! It sure beats sitting at the gate watching the clock tick?!?!?! is a Las Vegas-based talent agency with the highest caliber professional entertainers on the planet that would all love to play to the captive global audiences that come in and out of your airport! It’s a win/win!!!

Please fill out this contact form and someone from the agency will get back to you in the next 24 hours to get the ball rolling. Thank you…